Village Cakecraft and The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic

I recently attended the book party for Emily Croy Barker’s new novel, The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic. It’s getting great reviews and I can’t wait to read it. From People Magazine:

“Centered on more adult concerns than the Harry Potter books, Barker’s debut is full of allusions to dark fairy tales and literary romances. If Hermione Granger had been an American who never received an invitation to Hogwarths, this might have been her story.”

For now I want to review the cake that was made for the party. Can you believe this is a cake?? It was made by Amy Kolz of Village Cakecraft. Unreal, right? This is a freaking work of art! Just gorgeous. Supernaturally photo-realistic. Scroll down for a picture of the book next to the cake. Mind-blowing.

Stacy Horn

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