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I regret not making one point more strongly in my TEDx talk about singing in a choir, and that is that there is a wide variety of choirs out there, singing all types of music, and targeting all types of singers. There’s a place for everyone.

Along these lines, one organization I recently learned about is called Music for Everyone. They are a local charitable organization in Pennsylvania that was formed to raise awareness of how valuable music is to schools and communities, and to also raise money to support school music programs. And they created a community chorus: “This chorus was founded in May 2010 on the premise that there should be a a place for people to sing for the sheer joy of singing. We are a non-audition, all-ages, multi-cultural body of singers, free from the constraints of mandatory practices and performances.”

“For me, singing was the best thing about high school, and I was so happy to find this group and recapture that joy,” someone from the chorus emailed me. “We have fun and the connection we have with each other is strong and amazing.”

I took the shot below yesterday. The city looks pretty snow-free in this shot, but trust me, it’s an obstacle course out there, with giant lakes and mountains at every corner. You have to stop and make a plan each time for how you’re going to negotiate your way around or through it. An important skill is gauging how deep the water is and are your boots high enough?

I took this shot because this woman shows that it’s possible to be fashionable and properly dressed for the weather.


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