Drum in the Halloween Parade or Take it Easy?

I still haven’t decided what I’m doing tonight. Choice 1: take it easy and walk around and take pictures, enjoying the sights. Pros: I will see all the Halloween action I miss every year because the parade takes up the whole night. I love taking pictures. I love seeing all the children all dressed up, and all the adults all dressed up to entertain them. Also, I only slept a couple of hours last night and I’m tired. Also, it’s cold. And, my next door neighbor is having a party on our stoop. That should be fun, too! Cons: None.

Choice 2: drum in the Halloween Parade. Pros: It feels great to walk up the middle of 6th Avenue drumming. My band has a good spot in the parade too, so it shouldn’t be as long a wait as usual and it’s exciting to be in front. I’ll see old friends. It’s good exercise. Cons: You have to line up hours before the parade starts and then wait there for hours shivering (although again it won’t be as long as usual). It’s cold. I’m tired. I’ll miss all the local action in my neighborhood because I don’t get back home until late.

You can see which way I’m leaning. Except the guy who runs the band sent out email asking everyone to show up. We have a good spot it’s important to make a good showing.

A ghost on 11th Street. 11th Street seems to be beating out Perry Street this year.

Halloween Decorations, West Village, New York City, 2014

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