What do you do on your smartphone?

I got an iPhone last year, I’m one of the last people to get one, I know, but I had to watch my pennies! I love it for the things I use it for, calls, texting, and copying documents for my book. But I don’t use it a lot as I see everyone else in the world doing. Everyone else is completely focused on their smartphones.

So from time to time I look over to see what is so mesmerizing. I can understanding how texting and communicating with others can be, or if you are looking something up on google. But often when I look over people are just playing a game.

That can’t be it. There must be others things people are using their phones for, and I’m just missing it when I happen to look over.

So my question is, what are you using the most on your smartphone?

Another picture from the memorial for Carolyn Kaelin. I took this during the fireworks display.

Fireworks at Carolyn Kaelin Memorial

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7 thoughts on “What do you do on your smartphone?

  1. I must admit I am usually looking at Facebook, or proofreading the next post on my blog, or playing Words with Friends. Sometimes reading the news, or blogs that appear in my emails, like this one.

  2. Oh! And I also make “paintings” with Waterlogue, an app that I am sure you would enjoy. And the BeFunky app, despite a silly name, lets you put text on photos to turn them into birthday greetings and such, so I enjoy that.

  3. I just got a smartphone at the beginning of May. I use it for the occasional text, google an interesting fact (today it was the size of a double bed, yesterday it was the background of Richard Ely whose tombstone I noticed walking in the cemetary near my house), maps, and when I was in New York City, I put the MOMA app on it just to feel cool. But I don’t use it very much.

  4. I’m usually checking Facebook or email to see if anyone continued a discussion I’m in. Or I’m checking to see if anyone texted or emailed me about graphics freelance work.

    I was a holdout, too. I just got a smartphone in January 2014.

  5. I just learned that a good friend just got her first and the only reason she did was because she’d lost her hold-out phone.

    Thank you all for sharing this, it’s very enlightening. And it’s giving me ideas.

  6. I’m a Twitter junkie, as a follower, not so much as a poster. I built up my “follow” list to include favorite writers, comedians, historians, leaders, reporters and columnists, and some of the people who they follow in turn. I also follow some regular folks–people on site–where important events happening with the thrill (and sometimes sorrow) of an old ham radio enthusiast. I get links to great articles and early heads-up on new books, films, events. I can follow breaking news more closely than via TV news and see what’s going on in places our media doesn’t cover. And I can watch the Super Bowl with Samuel L. Jackson on one side of me and Steve Martin on the other. Fun, but addictive!

  7. I also love twitter, but now I want to pare down and switch out who I follow, but I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling (not like many of them care, but some do).

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