Trump Has Got to be Punking Us

I’ve been meaning to make this point for a while.

In an effort to crush Obama and prevent him for being effective, the republicans have been chipping away at him in a way that has slowly eroded respect for the office of the President of the United States. They started this with Clinton, but they pulled out all stops with Obama. The moment when one of them shouted out “liar” when Obama was speaking indicated all gloves were coming off.

The thing is, by wearing away at the respect for the office, that made attaining this position viable for clowns like Trump. They are the ones who made it a joke and so jokers can run.

An old friend of mine, John Heartfield, posing in front of some of the artwork of his grandfather, dadaist John Heartfield, at the Neue Galerie. Heartfield is most known for his political art during the Nazi period in Germany, artwork which landed him at number five on the Gestapo’s most-wanted list. It’s an astounding show and it’s coming down on January 4th. See it while you can!

John Heartfield

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3 thoughts on “Trump Has Got to be Punking Us

  1. For the 2 years of my MA, I was the TA for Randal Marlin, who taught “Truth and Propaganda”. I remember those cartoons from his class!

    The Huff Post has just said they are no longer treating Trump as ‘entertainment’.

    I have been wondering why no one has asked him, “How will you know if they are Muslims?” My husband said he heard Trump say (in a clip somewhere) that he would just ask them! Why didn’t I think of that. Good grief.

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