What are you going to do?

Regardless of whatever his diagnosis turns out to be, Finney is still acting as he always does. He’s certainly feeling up to stalking mice, which is what he’s doing in the picture here. (Our building has a mice problem, which is not problem from the cat’s point of view, of course.) That’s the biopsy site on his right hip. It’s a sad, lumpy mess even though they removed a ton of the mass that was there, so I’m not feeling particularly hopeful. But I’m curling up with him and enjoying the time we have now. Oh God, I sound so pathetic, but I do love them so.


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6 thoughts on “What are you going to do?

  1. So glad to see Finney at least is keeping up with his favorite activities, poor little guy. Just love him up all you can. That’s all we can do with anyone or anykitty, in the end, anyway.
    That sounds depressing but I don’t mean it that way, really!

  2. What the…! I did not intend that giant thing to be embedded in my comment! Please feel free to edit or delete! Sorry. I just thought the plain URL would be there.

  3. Hahaha. It’s okay. I’m listening to it right now, thank you (and singing along in harmony). And thank you Skylar, Karen and CR. I appreciate your kind words.

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