Post-VP Debate

Okay, I watched maybe five minutes. Based on my one brief snapshot, they both did well by their candidate. I wish that every time Pence lied and said that Trump hadn’t said what Trump most assuredly did say, Kaine had said, “What’s almost as disturbing is your lying to my face, the moderator’s face, and to the faces of every American, because we know you know that Trump said X.”

Passed by on my way to the dentist. It does seem like a horribly barbaric practice.


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2 thoughts on “Post-VP Debate

  1. I can’t believe it but I watched the entire VP debate, just as I did the entire P debate. I found that I liked some of Kaine’s answers, especially the one about community policing, because it sounded like he had given it a lot of thought, so it rolled out easily and well. But I really hated the childish attitude of forever bringing up Trump’s bad points, just to score points. We all know how awful Trump is. He could have stayed on message and answered the questions and never brought up tax evasion or whatever the problem was, and still won the debate.

    I also agree with you about circumcision. Why mutilate your baby boy just because someone else thinks it’s a good idea? People rationalize that it’s about cleanliness but if the body was that poorly designed that we need to lop off bits to survive, then I think we have more problems than that! It is a good idea to teach your children basic hygiene and boys can keep themselves clean as god made them.

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