The Beginning of the end of high heels?

I loved this article in the Times about high heels. I stopped wearing heels decades ago, after falling in them repeatedly and tearing the ligaments in my foot.

I also hated not being able to run if needed, which the article brings up. I always felt hobbled, and not ready for action. There’s a bound-foot aspect to them, and the women who wear them look imprisoned, like they are in a state of bondage. And I can tell you, when I finally said enough is enough to them, it was enormously freeing.

But change is slow, so even if this signals the beginning of the end for them, it will take a long time, and I’m sure they won’t go away completely.

Bodhi, my little rat-faced (or bat-faced) kitten, on my lap. Bodhi and Bali are right this minute in the bedroom behind closed doors. I wanted to give Bleecker a break, and some time with me all to himself. The kittens monopolize me and my lap otherwise.

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2 thoughts on “The Beginning of the end of high heels?

  1. I think there will always be people who choose style or looks over utility. Last summer, I went to Belgium for a week and took one pair of shoes, which were the ones I wore for the whole week. I was able to take a normal size backpack as carry-on as my only luggage. I wanted to be fleet of foot and take public transportation (trains and buses) and be able to run for them if I needed to. I also wanted to be able to walk for at least an hour at a time, so I could go where I wanted, when I wanted, without relying on anyone else. There was a fancy event I went to and I wore my black Nike runners and most people were absorbed enough in themselves and what they were doing that no one noticed my shoes.

  2. Ha, good for you!!

    This is another great thing about growing older, and I realize not everyone thinks this is a good thing, but no one is looking at you as much or as carefully anymore.

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