Neither Snow nor Sleet …

I lugged Bali through the snow and rain, and from the #1 train to the Q to take him to see a doctor at the ASPCA. I thought he might have a urinary tract infection, but the vet thinks it could be feline idiopathic cystitis. She’s going to call me today with the results of the blood and urine tests. While there, Bali tried to bite Maria, one of the techs who trained me. Not cool Bali.

I’ve been reflecting on how Bodhi and Bali have changed roles. When I first took them home Bodhi was the love bug, the one who had to be in my arms and near me at all times. Bali was sweet, but shy, and would cuddle up from time to time. But now that they’re comfortable in their new surroundings, Bodhi is constantly on the move, playing, jumping, running (my poor downstairs neighbor) and Bali can usually be found quietly curled up on my lap.

That’s Bodhi on the left, giving his perpetually alert look, and Bali with his sincere face. (I took this picture in the fall. They’re bigger now.)

Stacy Horn

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