Thunder and Tornados

Last night, or rather, early this morning, the thunder was almost as loud as I’ve ever heard it. I thought of Cara in Alabama, who survived a recent tornado and described the roar it made. I tried to imagine what it would be like if the sound got much much louder, if I looked out the window and saw the storm develop into a tornado and what would I do? I realized I could never grab up the cats and get them and myself down five flights and into the basement in time. We’d be goners. I really felt for a moment the capriciousness of it, of nature. One minute you’re sleeping or watching tv, then boom. The world explodes, no time to run.

No, this is not yet another picture of a cop on a horse. It’s a cop on a horse giving directions. Very different.

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2 thoughts on “Thunder and Tornados

  1. You know, I had my first nightmare a couple nights ago about the tornado. What made it so eerie is that I was sweeping the floors, it was a bright, sunny day outside…when all at once, that awful jet-engine roar started! I woke up, scared & shaking, glad it was only a nightmare. I’d always heard others say if you ever hear that roar, you never really forget it; that is true for me.

    When the tornado hit, I was also stuck in the house, didn’t have time to head out for the courthouse shelter (the courthouse roof was destroyed, but the basement was fine). I thought the hallway, middle of my house, was safest, so that’s where me and dogs hunkered down — and almost immediately the roar started. Then the debris flying around, which I could see out the open back door.

    Yet we were so lucky; the tornado was lifting as it crossed over my house. I still need to get some photos of 4th & 3rd street, the worst of the damage – and still devastated. No one was killed in the city, amazing considering the damage.

    I’m working on collecting stuff for my emergency prepardness kit. Will take photos/blog about it when I get it completed. I’ve been wondering though where to store it…considering a tornado can snatch the entire house away.

  2. The hallway? Is there a closet near the hallway? Sorry about the nightmare. Sounds like you might be experiencing a little PTSD.

    But thanks about the hallway tip. That is where I’ll go. (If we ever get a tornado.)

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