Virtual Choir 3 Launch is Today

There’s going to be a live stream of the event from Lincoln Center starting at 6:30. I’ll be there! I was lucky and got a pass because I’ll be sneaking in a few lines about it for the end of the book.

I took this last night at Carnegie Hall. The standout pieces for me were Lux Aurumque, Five Hebrew Love Songs, and Cloudburst, which was incredible. The piece was beautiful itself, but as it builds Whitacre had various members of the choir play handbells, and then, right before the cloudburst, they all raise their arms and then they snap their fingers, clap, slap their legs, all these various things that, helped with the acoustics of Carnegie Hall, really really really sounded like rain. I see he wrote this when he was 22. Further proof that composers are not: human.

Eric Whitacre at Carnegie Hall

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