Litter Kills! Please Throw Away Your Trash Properly!

From the New York City Pigeon Rescue Central website:

“Have you ever seen a pigeon that has missing toes, a foot or even a missing leg? The chances are that the digits and/or foot were lost from string being wrapped around them.

“I can’t think of anything more horrible than that happening to a bird. Imagine tying a rubber band around your finger as tightly as you can. You know what kind of pain there will be. You can take off the rubber band. The pigeon cannot take off the string. They can’t walk up to anyone and ask for help. They suffer great pain and it can take over a year before the pain goes away along with the toe(s) or foot or leg.”

Sadly, sometimes the string gets caught in trees and the bird hangs until they die. This poor bird got caught in string on a lamppost. Please people, for the love of god, throw away your trash properly.

Bird Caught in String Dies

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