What is this little guy?

I felt terrible. He crashed into my window and I’m sure it’s my fault for loving clean windows. He hung out here for a while before flying away, so I’m telling myself he’s fine. He was just stunned.

I tried to look up what kind of bird he is, and he looks kinda vireo (never heard of that) and kinda warbler, but I couldn’t find a bird with that yellow stripe on his head. Oh, I think I found him—maybe he’s a Golden-crowned kinglet!

Bird, New York City

Stacy Horn

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11 thoughts on “What is this little guy?

  1. Hi Stacy-
    I think its a Golden Crowned Kinglet. I actually saw one 2 weeks ago in Burlington but I didnt get a view of the crown. I thought it might be a Ruby Crowned Kinglet. I sent my photo to Audubon Vermont and they said it was a Golden Crowned Kinglet. Where did you see it? BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  2. Had one hit our patio window this morning in Rochester, NY. I held him for about 5 minutes then we put him in a little box and he recovered. After about 20 minutes he flew away. Cute little guy!

  3. Oh, I’m so glad he was okay! I would have felt terrible if your post had an unhappy ending. Thank you for taking care of him while he recovered!

  4. A golden-crowned Kinglet is exactly what (he) is. I had one outside my window just now, and I had to really look at the head stripes. However, the yellow in the center of the head is so distinctive, one cannot miss it. They make a high-pitched “peeping” sound.

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