Spring Cleaning Done!

And the lilacs I bought for myself are already dead. They lasted, what? A day! I’m just too freaking tired to go out and get myself fresh flowers. I’ll get them tomorrow. I’m going to take the day off and go to some museums. For now …


I’m relaxing with my favorite zombie movie, Shaun of the Dead. You may notice I have closed captioning on. I’ve got that on pretty much permanently these days. Invariably there’s a word I can’t quite make out in every show, and it bugs me. I don’t like missing even one word.

Shaun of the Dead

Stacy Horn

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5 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Done!

  1. OMG we could be sisters. First of all, I forgot that lilacs don’t even last a day but I remember now how disappointed I was when I picked some and then wilted so quickly. (I used to live in the country where they had gone wild all over the place.) It’s possible they could last if you cut vertically up the stems to allow more water and put a little sugar in the water – but I doubt it.

    Secondly, love “Shaun of the Dead” but more importantly, I too used the closed captioning because I hate missing even one word! I have the hearing of a bat but I find that the sound mixing can get annoying especially if the sound effects or music is too loud in overlap. My Dad used to use CC because he was quite deaf, but as he got older, he found he couldn’t even read that fast, poor thing. But that’s what the pause and go-back-8-second button is for!

  2. I know mine do too! I remember as a kid that they would last for a much longer time. I don’t know why this happens now.

  3. Right! And one bouquet would fill my entire apartment with their lovely scent. Now you can only smell them if you get your nose right up next to them.

  4. I agree with Julia about peeling the stems a little and the sugar. You might also try an aspirin. My lilacs usually last for at least a week in the house. But mine are home grown. And I always think of you Stacy-when they bloom.
    Do folks produce “hot house” lilacs? That could be a problem.
    Spring has really arrived!

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