30 Day Mental Challenge Result

I did this 30 day mental challenge last month, only positive thoughts for 30 days (the challenge came from author and editor Mitch Horowitz). I know some people hate this sort of thing, and I have learned it’s better to acknowledge your bad feelings. But sometimes they become a habit that is not useful.

I couldn’t stop negative thoughts from occurring of course, but I was able to do something—at times when I noticed I was thinking negatively I was able to stop from dwelling on whatever thought I was having. At the best of times I’d see how the negative thought was wrong. I’d argue with myself for a second about whatever thought it was, ie, “What’s so hate-able about you??” And I’d think of a few things about myself that didn’t suck, and by the time I was done I was thinking about my book, or tv, or something else.

It didn’t make my month momentously different, but it was an improvement, and improvements don’t suck. In fact, they seem rarer as I get older, so yay!

I took this picture because I liked the colors.


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5 thoughts on “30 Day Mental Challenge Result

  1. YAY! Improvement is soo good! Love the colors of your photo too! I admire you persisted. Persistence is good.

  2. Hugs and cuddles! It’s true about you… now to get over the next few days… I’ll email you in a few days… Best.

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