Choral Singing and Aging

There’s a New York Times blog post today titled A Search for Harmony. It begins with the question: “Can choral singing really help people age well?” I already know the answer. (Yes.) You cheated and read my answer, didn’t you? Well, read the article too. I’m quoted! And it’s a good quote.

The Times post was prompted by the movie, Unfinished Song, which is opening tomorrow. It stars Terence Stamp and Vanessa Redgrave and a choir of older singers from the UK. Must see. After World War Z. I’m sorry! I can’t resist zombies.

Here’s Finney on an end table. It’s so hard taking pictures of Finn. I had to use this post-production tool in iphoto which lets me light up the shadow areas. Otherwise he’d look like he only had one eye. Pirate kitty. Argh. Me Matey. Okay, that’s all the pirate-speak I got.

Stacy Horn

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